Vision and Mission

Thriving In Steem


SteemXP vision is to be the key influencer in Southeast Asia communities and social media users to adopt the use of Steem Coin and Steem Blockchain Applications.


Empowering local champions to build communities, engaged the public, promote adoption of steem coin and to experience the power of steem blockchain at every city in Southeast Asia

Educating Southeast Asia communities about the variety of steem application and its value for personal growth, income generation, business application and social change.

To create a better understanding of blockchain tech and its applications, through organizing educational meetups and events

Organized a yearly community-based event for greater networking experience between communities that come from all walks of life.

To feature best independent shared articles on steemit blockchain that highlight the abundance opportunity and diversity of talents, creativity and stories found in Southeast Asia through a dedicated community-based content website that runs on steem blockchain

Established a guild that promotes shared economy on steem blockchain

To educate and increase the number of business owners and services in Southeast Asia to accept steem as form of payment

To promote active collaboration and help accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural exchange in Southeast Asia region through the power of steem blockchain and the used of steem applications