SteemXP Chapter

Thriving In Steem

Being a SteemXP Manager

Each SteemXP Chapter led by SteemXP Managers organizes social meetups, workshop, events and online discourse.

SteemXP Managers engages with their local community. Inspire and empower communities with knowledge about content creation, steem and steem blockchain, encourage migration of content from other social media platform onto steem applications.

Start a SteemXP In Your City

We will be accepting applications to start SteemXP chapters in your city real soon.

Stay posted or email us if you are interested to initiate a SteemXP community. We will inform you as soon as the application process opens in your region.

**UPDATE 6th November 2018

We now accept applications for the setup of SteemXP City Chapters in your area. Please click HERE 

What makes you an awesome SteemXP Manager

Passionate about steem and steem blockchain,

Experienced in organizing events and/or community management

Ability to communicate in English, as you will also be in collaboration with other Managers from other countries

Passionate about helping others, giving back to the community, a self-starter and driven in seeing community growth

Have flexibility with your own time and have access to a variety of community network for collaboration

Positive Personality that loves sharing and educational empowerment

Requirement needed to be a SteemXP Manager

To seek partners with location provider to host your event

Continuously promote SteemXP mission

To host, invite and partnering up with a suitable speaker to educate your community

Network, make friends and to have fun while being in our journey to get the southeast Asian nation to get on board to steem applications

What You Get As A Managers

To be part of a cool blockchain community movement in South East Asia

Access to early insight on SteemXP initiatives

You will be guided on how to run a successful community

Networking opportunities with other prominent managers in your country and internationally

Access to resource material for SteemXP brand and educational material

Auto trailing on all your posting and the power to activate trails

Creating a chapter and being a Chapter Manager requires approval from SteemXP.  This program doesn’t create any formal relationship between you and SteemXP, and you can leave the program at any time.

SteemXP supports and recognizes SteemXP Chapters and Managers, but doesn’t own or manage them. It is independently run by passionate collaborators that supports SteemXP vision and mission.