The SouthEast Asia Curation Guild

Thriving In Steem

What is SteemXP

SteemXP is a community-driven initiative that promotes mass migration of social media users in Southeast Asia for a total steem experience.

We reward and promote original and good content created by SteemXP Members in Southeast Asia and organizes events that bring value to our members.

Be A Member

Be part of this new exciting movement that is moving across the Southeast Asia nation today. We will be rolling out several projects that will benefit our members, don’t miss the boat.

Exclusive Invite

Only members get an exclusive invite to special events, parties and networking session.

Only members will be allowed to participate in varieties of SteemXP Contest

Discount on Steem Merchandise On the Pipeline (For members only)


We organise structured successful Community, Education, Public Awareness Program (CEPA Program).

This CEPA program is divided into two activities known as Steemit Bootcamp and Steemit Masterclass and we are currently developing other programs to ensure continues education for the public and our members.

Curation Trail

Our community-based curation trail is actively growing, be part of SteemXP curation trail to get rewarded with upvote and trails for creating original and good content

Resteem Service

Only members are allowed to be part of the resteem service to get additional upvotes through our curation trail.

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