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Weekly SteemXP ZoomUp, Featuring SteemFest

We started our weekly online meetup using zoom application. After thinking for quite a bit, we decided to call that weekly session as ZoomUP.

So this week, With the help of our fellow member @joannewong as our correspondent, who happens to be at Steemfest 3 Krakow, Poland along with our witness @bitrocker2020, @aaronleang and @elizacheng.

Through @joannewong and the rest, we hope to get updates and learn a thing or two and perhaps intentionally to motivate others to consider going to the next SteemFest in bigger groups.

It was a whole lot of fun session with lots of laughter and something to learn. There was so much international steemian that spend their time on the meetup too. Thank you guys, Let’s see if you can guess who is the steemian seen this video, can you name at least 15 people, with the right steemit handle?

Perhaps next week you might consider joining us too. Do join our discord channel and be part of our conversation. see you soon.


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