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The Christmas Charity Project by Bonfire and SteemXP

We are happy and proud to announce that we are doing “THE CHRISTMAS CHARITY PROJECT” in collaboration with the Bondfire Community. Bondfire Community is our local musicians. We will produce and sell a Christmas Album with songs originally written by our local musicians and 100% of the profits will go straight to orphanage homes. We believe that Christmas is a time of love and what a better way to feel love other than giving.
You can read more about it here. The project is up on collecting fund to produce the album. You can show your support by showing some love or donate directly to fellow SteemXP member, @angeljames.

Show your support by

1. Spread the word, write a post with the tag #bondfire or tag @angeljames, and pledge in the post that once you claim reward of the post in seven days, you will donate the reward to this Charity Project.

  1. Do send your rewards to @angeljames with the memo “Bondfire”
  2. Check out the project up on, here
    and donate through the platform of
  3. If you wish to donate SBD or Steem, you can do that with donating directly to @angeljames with the memo “Bondfire”.


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