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Open Application for SteemXP City Chapter Manager’s Role

SteemXP have over the months since its inception has been very determined to see Southeast Asian to discover the power of steem blockchain, more so that they are guided toward the right way while being in the platform.  This is the reason why Chapter Manager is needed in every city or district within the nation of Southeast Asia.

Identifying the right local champion is crucial, this will determine the sustainability and value of our program. We need someone sincere in helping out their community, resourceful in managing future challenges and most importantly are passionate about Steem Blockchain.

We now have 2 SteemXP Chapter Manager, one for Kota Kinabalu and the other is labuan FT. We are expecting few more to apply by next week and decided to kick start our campaign to grow this community throughout the region from this week onward.

If you are interested to know more about what being a chapter manager in your area is all about, the expectation and role, please head out here 

Perhaps, go ahead and fill up the form and we might call you out for an online interview. please find the application from here


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