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SteemXP Manager, Labuan FT, Malaysia


SteemXP has recently organized a successful Steem Bootcamp at Labuan FT, Malaysia. It was attended by 30 participants, to discover the world of Steem Blockchain and the rest of Dapps on steem.

The event was organized by @nickychu and he did an outstanding job with the setup and invitations. We also had a couple meetup after the events on the following day.

I am happy to inform that it was 100 per cent sign up through the fast signup on steemhunt. In coming months, it is expected that Steem Masterclass will be organized to help Labuan community with our educational module that we on content creation.

SteemXP has grown pretty steadily since its inception around 3 months ago. Since then, we have done lots of meets up, collaboration with various institution and government agencies, all in the spirit to spread the world about the world of steem blockchain.

3 months ago at our first SteemXP first Community-founding member meetup, we appointed @bboyady as the SteemXP Chapter Manager for Kota Kinabalu City, since then we had been busy with organizing various event and meetup including a blockchain event called Borneo Blockchain Summit.

This time around, We would like to officially announce our new SteemXP Manager, for Labuan FT, Malaysia , none other than @nickychu.

He has prove over time and time again his dedication and love for steem blockchain, he passion for growing, educating and supporting his community is admirable.

Congratulation to @nickychu for being the SteemXP Labuan Chapter Manager. We look forward to seeing more of your inspirational activity to bring more labuanites into steem blockchain.

@nickychu, SteemXP Chapter Manager and SteemXP Witness @bitrocker2020



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