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Creating Impactful Event For Southeast Asia


Last month, our community was busy with organizing our first huge event, It is called Borneo Blockchain Summit.

While it was nerve wrecking, it was also exciting to see if we can pull it off. We struggle at first we didn’t have any sponsor, to begin with, and there never been any blockchain event in Borneo, so we were not sure how the response will be.

Each and every member of SteemXP go all out to make the event a success, While our initial hope was to get at least 100 pax to attend, the final count was 236 in total.

We also received support and acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education and Innovation, Sabah Malaysia.  and most importantly toward the end, we manage to get all the sponsors needed to ensure it was all run smoothly and get all cost covered.

All this is only possible with the dedication of the community that came aboard and volunteered to make sure it happens.

The event was also covered by the local media and was on local papers as well as on the local telly evening news.

Bottom line we achieved beyond our expectation, thanks to everyone that supported our event. Check out follow up post 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  by some of our members and a collaborative video that was presented during the event on steem blockchain created by @bitrocker2020.

We hope to organize this event again next year, We are sure by then we would be much better as it was really indeed a huge learning curve for us all.

Thank you to the Speakers, Sponsors and Volunteers for making Borneo Blockchain Summit a success.



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