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SteemXP Manager, Kota Kinabalu

SteemXP finally had our first meetup, it was held at JL Cafe that is own by @beverlyjoe at Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

During this meetup, while there were several topics that were discussed, The Southeast Asia Curation Guild and SteemXP Manager were the highlight.

SteemXP started with crowdfunding from existing TeamMalaysia Sabah Community. To date, we manage to raise more than 500SP and has established a curation guild. So what is the key objective for SteemXP you ask?

To encourage Mass migration of social media user in southeast asia to steem blockchain application. Reward, featured and promotes good and exceptional content from this region.

We decided that our strategy is to have a systematic approach in seeing the growth in numbers users on steem blockchain application, our approach is through working with trust agents in Southeast Asia cities and get them to be the Steemxp managers, duplicating the educational and training program that we created and successfully implemented.

SteemXP is open for collaboration with other initiatives and individuals to fast-track the adoption of steem blockchain application in this region.

It was during this meetup that SteemXP announces the first SteemXP Manager for Kota Kinabalu Chapter and tested the Southeast Asia Curation Guild for the first time.

The Southeast Asia Curation Guild is currently for members only and is on test mode, we are expecting to open for membership drive in a week or two. As for the SteemXP chapter on other cities, the application will be open before the end of August.

For now, We wish to congratulate @bboyady for being the first SteemXP Manager for Kota Kinabalu Chapter.

@bboyady joined steemit in August 2017. Currently, he is involved in logistic however he as vast experience in event management, on the side he is a B-boy as well. He is known to be a helpful and dedicated leader within his community and is well known to be updated with the growing steem blockchain applications. He speaks and writes in English, Malays and Mandarin, and are helping in growing the Chinese community to adopt steem applications.

We are delighted to have him on board and help him as grows  SteemXP, Kota Kinabalu Chapter.

To find out more about SteemXP, check out




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